National Bank of Abu Dhabi  |  United Arab Emirates


Client   |   National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Size      |   60,000 sqm
  • –  Building Physics Analysis
  • –  Thermal Façade Design
  • –  Sun Path and Daylight Analysis
  • –  ASHRAE Modelling


This project is the design of a new headquarters building for the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a stellar example of the work I have conducted in the Middle East. 
I modelled the building for ASHRAE compliance to satisfy Estidama requirements (the Abu Dhabi equivalent of BREEAM/LEED).  I also conducted bespoke parametric modelling exercises to optimise the shading regime, given the near overhead sun-path at the location, whilst preserving the desired verticality in the design of the building.