Kennett Garden Village  |  Cambridgeshire


Client   |   Kennett Garden Village
Size      |   485 homes, 18,000 sqm Non-residential
  • –  Energy Strategy Feasibility
  • –  LZC Feasibility
  • –  Masterplan Load and Capacity Analysis
  • –  Concept Building Physics Analysis


Kennett Garden Village is a residential-led, mixed-use development comprising circa 485 dwellings, and 18,000 sqm of non-residential space usage, consisting of a primary school, retirement accommodation, office and commercial space. The development is currently in outline planning.
My role to date has included a feasibility analysis on energy strategy.  With limited capacity in the area of the site, the initial strategy work developed concepts around on-site generation, power storage and smart grid technology, to manage power efficiently across the development.  With an eye on the future decarbonisation of the Grid, the development is designed to be ‘electric only’ through the use of highly efficient heat pump technology.