GALEAStudio is a Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Building Physics Design Studio.  Our premise is to move away from the old-fashioned approach of ‘bolt-on’ sustainability towards a more integrated design model, where energy efficiency is a core design element of any high-quality development.

We provide everything from Energy Strategy and BREEAM in support of planning applications and Part L Building Regulations compliance, to highly technical and bespoke 3D finite element analysis computation to help provide quantitative input into the design process.
We aim to help clients establish the concepts of a development from inception, in order to embed efficiency in the DNA of a project.  Sustainable design is more than a requirement for planning consent; it delivers carbon-, energy- and cost- efficient buildings.
The law of the conservation of energy says, ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, rather it transforms from one form to another’.  GALEAStudio believes construction can and should implement this in design to the benefit of the built environment.
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Andrew Galea

MA (Cantab), M.Eng. 

I founded GALEAStudio to help shape the construction industry’s approach to energy efficiency and to embed sustainable concepts into building design from an early stage, to allow developments to secure the technical and financial benefits these can bring.
I have spent 13 years working in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, on a large array of high-profile and interesting projects, some of which are showcased our Portfolio.
I specialise in areas relating to building physics: Energy Strategy; passive and active energy efficiency design advice; 3D Dynamic Modelling and Computation Fluid Dynamics (to assess energy, thermal comfort and daylight issues); innovative sustainable design solutions and shading light simulations.
As an accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessor, I have a wealth of experience in Part L Energy Assessment, EPCs, Energy Strategy work for planning, ASHRAE modelling for LEED, BREEAM-related modelling, as well as experience working to Middle Eastern energy standards.
I am a passionate believer in bettering the built environment by providing rigorous, appropriate, sustainable design.